Electronic Design and Solution Fair 2002
Special Package booth for exhibiters of DAC and DATE, company's affiliated with EDAC Guide to Exhibition Regulations
* Period: 2days: Thursday, January 24 - Friday, January 25, 2002
* Place: Pacifico Yokohama, yokohama-shi, kanagawa-ken, Japan
* Sponsored by: Japan Electronics and Information Technology Industries AssociationiJEITAj
* Managed by: Japan Electronics Show AssociationiJESAj
* Contact information: Mr. Torikai: Japan Electronics Show Association / edsfair@jesa.or.jp
1. Show Scope of Exhibits
(1) Design Tool
1) LSI Design-Related Tools
ESDA/system-level design tools, hardware/software co-design tools, formal verification tools, cycle-based simulators, floor planners, logic synthesis tools, schematic entry tools, analog simulators, timing analysis tools, power analysis tools, logic simulators, hardware accelerators/emulators, IC layout verification tools, technology CAD, components database/management tools, framework and others
2) PCB Design-Related Tools
PCB layout tools, analysis tools, CAM output tools and others
3) Related Platforms/Networks
Workstations, PCs, related equipment and others
4) Testers/Test Supporting Systems
LSI testers, ATPGs and others
(2) System LSI FPGA/PLD
1) Semiconductor Devices
System LSIs, ASICs, MPUs/MCUs/DSPs, ASSPs and others
FPGA/PLD devices, FPGA / PLD design tools, emulation boards/education kits / development - assistance kits equipped with FPGA/PLD, IC socket connectors (devices for installation of FPGA/PLD) and others
(3) Design Support
1) IP
CPU cores, DSP cores, IP functional macros (interface, picture, sound, network, communication, wireless, etc.), analog cells, cell libraries, memories, middleware, real-time OS and others
2) Design Center Design Service, Design Consulting, IP Distribution Service and Others
(4) PR
Publications and others

2. Eligible Exhibitors
  (1) Manufacturers, trading companies, information media publishing companies and associations engaged in areas specified in Section 1 above.
(2) Exhibiters of DAC and DATE, Companies affiliated with EDAC
3. Booth Specifications and Configuration of Booths


(3) Booth Height
Maximum booth height is 2,700 mm. This limit may be exceeded by 300 mm in exceptional cases installing minimum lighting and /or sound equipment (small-size speakers, etc.), if inevitable for construction reasons.
4. Cancellation Owing to Calamity
If the show cannot be held due to a natural disaster such as an earthquake, fire or other calamity beyond human control, fees will be refunded to exhibitors after subtracting necessary expenses incurred up to the date of said calamity. However, the Fair Management Office cannot be held responsible for expenses incurred by exhibitors.
5. Prohibitions and Restrictions
(1) Sales of Goods
Under no circumstances may exhibitors sell products during the Fair period.
(2) Disturbing Others
1) Exhibitors are prohibited from having visitors stay for extended periods of time in the aisles around booths. Exhibitors should guide gathering visitors properly so that passersby are not disturbed.
2) Exhibitors are prohibited from distributing questionnaires or soliciting visitors in aisles.
3) Articles may not be left in aisles.
(3) Sound Emission
To avoid inconveniencing other exhibitors, product demonstrations using loudspeakers should be avoided. The guideline of sound volume is a maximum of 80 phons. In the event neighboring booths are affected by sound levels even below this maximum, exhibitors will be requested to reduce the volume in accordance with instructions given by the Fair Management Office.
6. Responsibility for Exhibits
The Fair Management Office will, to the best of its ability, provide for the security of exhibits during the show period by means of security guard patrols. However, since the Fair Management Office cannot assume responsibility for natural disasters, fire, theft, loss of property or other events beyond its control, exhibitors should take good care of their property and take any necessary precautions, such as taking out insurance.
7. Suites
Suites will be provided for those exhibitors who wish to conduct business negotiations or demonstrate their products to specific customers.
(1) Date and Time of Usage
Basic construction : Jan. 22
Equipment installation : Morning of Jan. 23
Exhibitor preparation: Afternoon of Jan. 23
Available time and dates: 9:00 - 19:00, Jan. 24 and 25
Tear down : 19:00 - 21:00, Jan. 25
(2) Room Specifications and Charges
Type-S 3,960mm(W) x 3,960mm(D)(approx.16m2) x 2,700mm(H) 260,000
* Type-M 5,940mm(W) x 3,960mm(D)(approx.24m2) x 2,700mm(H) 320,000
* Type-L 5,940mm(W) x 4,950mm(D)(approx.30m2) x 2,700mm(H) 360,000
The above room charges include the following :
1) Four walls and one door (system panels)
2) Carpet
3) Signboard with exhibitor's name
4) Use of a 1.5 kW power source (plug socket) and electric power consumption
5) 40W fluorescent lights (3 lights for Type-S, 6 for Type-M, 8 for Type-L)
(3) Room Allocation
Room allocation for applicants will be determined by the Fair Management Office.
(4) Fixtures
Regarding fixtures such as tables, chairs and reception sets, the Management Office will provide each applicant with detailed information upon receipt of an actual request. Applicants will be required to pay actual costs and expenses for the use of these fixtures. Demonstration equipment and instruction materials should be prepared by the applicant.
(5) Restrictions
1) Neither microphones nor speakers are permitted in the suites.
2) Suites may not be used either as waiting or stock rooms.
3) Subletting of suites to other companies is not permitted.
(6) Administration
1) The suite area will be located in the Exhibition Hall. System panels and other installations will be used to clearly distinguish it from the exhibition area.
2) The suite area will be managed by the Management Office, while each suite room should be managed by the user.
3) At the suite area entrance, a reception counter and suite layout map will be provided. Exhibitors are responsible for scorting their guests to thier respective suites.Paging services will not be available.
4) A refreshment lounge will be provided in the Exhibition Hall for food and beverage services for exhibitors and visitors. Users of these facilities shall bear the associated costs.
5) Two or more adjacent suites can be combined for use as a large room, or the room size can be altered by moving partition walls.


8. Seminars by Exhibitors
  Exhibitors can purchase seminar time and use it for presentations of new technologies and products.
  (1) Available Times and Dates
10:30 a.m. to 5:15 p.m. Thursday, January 24, and Friday, January 25, 2002 (2 days)
[Timetable (plan)]
Jan. 24 / Jan. 25
10:30 a.m.-11:15 a.m.
11:30 a.m.-12:15 p.m.
12:30 p.m.- 1:15 p.m.
1:30 p.m.- 2:15 p.m.
2:30 p.m.- 3:15 p.m.
3:30 p.m.- 4:15 p.m.
4:30 p.m.- 5:15 p.m.
  (2) Application
1) Each session should be 45 minutes in length or less.
2) Any number of sessions can be used for a single or multiple topics.
3) Exhibitors may apply for a maximum of two consecutive sessions for any one topic.
4) Final seminar dates and times will be determined by lottery after the application period closes.
5) In case the number of applications exceeds the available total number of sessions, sessions might be limited.
  (3) Usage Fees (45-Minute Session)
Room capacity
Up to 30: Price40,000 (plus tax)
Up to 50: Price60,000 (plus tax)
Up to 100: Price120,000 (plus tax)

The above usage fees include the following :
1) Podium, chairs with writing boards for audience, white board, PA equipment, Overhead projector, liquid crystal projector, screen, laser pointer
2) Program board placed in front of the room
3) Reception desk
4) Additional equipment or materials as necessary can be ordered separately. Expenses for such additional materials will be borne by the users.
  (4) Seminar Objectives
Seminars should be limited to presentations of information, new technologies, new products, and/or progress of technological developments related to the user's exhibit.
  (5) Admission: Free
  (6) PR Assistance
It is generally the responsibility of the user to gather participants for seminars. However, the Management Office will assist users through the following PR activities:
1) Seminar program in the Information Letter.
2) Publicize seminar program on the exhibition's Internet homepage.
3) Publicize seminar programs and location maps in the Guidebook to be distributed to all visitors at the exhibition.
4) Place seminar program announcements, locations and guidance to the locations on signboards for the announcement of the seminar program.
  (7) Documents
1) Seminar documents should be prepared by users (50 copies for A-type, 70 copies for B-type and 120 copies for C-type).
2) Personnel required to distribute documents to participants at the seminar location should be arranged by users.
3) A certain number of copies should be prepared at each booth area for exhibition visitors who cannot participate in the seminar.
9. Guidelines for Advertising Placement
A variety of advertising media and services have been planned to enhance the effectiveness of the exhibits of companies participating in the Electronic Design and Solution Fair 2002. Please apply by filling out the appropriate sections of the Application for Exhibition and return it to the Management Office.
(1) Advertisement in Guidebook
1) Guidebook Format: B5, approx. 60 pages, offset printing
2) Circulation: 15,000
3) Publication date: Thursday, January 24, 2002
4) Distribution: Distributed free of charge to visitors to the EDSFair 2002
5) Ad space and price list (excluding consumption tax)
Inside front cover \288,000
Inside back cover \264,000
Back cover \320,000
Article insert, 1 color \120,000
Article insert, 2 colors \160,000
Article insert,4 colors \240,000
6) Deadline for submitting materials
(1) Deadline for black-and-white camera-ready copy: Fri., Dec 7, 2001
(2) Deadline for 2-color camera-ready copy (color separation film): Fri., Dec. 14, 2001
(3) Deadline for 4-color camera-ready copy (color separation film): Fri., Dec. 14, 2001
(4) Deadline for submission of computer data: Fri., Nov. 30, 2001
7) Contact information
Mr. Mizuno, Bunshodo Printing Corp.
5-3-7, Mita, Minato-ku, Tokyo, 108-0073
Tel: +81-3-3455-0258 Fax: +81-3-3455-0264
E-mail: mizuno-k@ps.bunshodo.co.jp
8) Instructions for camera-ready materials
(1) Please submit camera-ready advertising materials. If requesting the printing company to produce camera-ready materials, a fee for that service will be charged.
(2) A maximum of ten photographs may be used per page.
(3) Please produce full-size camera-ready materials. See diagram below for dimensions.
(4) Please leave space for the insertion of page numbers.
9) Order of placement
The Fair Management Office will coordinate the order of advertisement placements. As a general rule, advertisements inserted in the articles will be placed in the order applications are received.

Camera-ready material dimensions:
(2) Web Site Banner Advertisements
1) Web site
Banner ads will be randomly displayed in a separate frame on the fairs Web site (www.edsfair.com).
2) Period of placement: Tue., November 6 Thu., February 28, 2002
3) Size: 40 pixels (H) x 180 pixels (W)
4) Price list (excluding consumption tax)
If also placing advertisement
in the guidebook
If not placing advertisement
in the guidebook
5) Deadline for submitting materials: Wed., October 31, 2001
6) Contact information: Person in charge: Mr.Takeda, EDMS Dept. NEONET Inc.
2-45-1,Nihonbashi-hamacho,Chuo-ku,Tokyo 103-0007,Japan
Tel:+81-3-3249-8221 Facsimile:+81-3-3249-8228
7) Format
Banner file size: Maximum of 10KB
Banner file formats: GIF, JPEG
1 loop of animated GIF may be used.
8) Submission instructions
Please submit by e-mail, or on a floppy or MO disc. If submitting by e-mail, please attach a noncompressed file named Exhibitor Name. gif or Exhibitor Name. jpg.
9) Production services
We will produce banner advertisements at the request of exhibitors.
Basic file format: 50,000 (excluding consumption tax)
Animated GIF: 80,000 (excluding consumption tax)
(3) Block Advertisements on Fair Venue Map
1) Format: A3 sheet (black and white)
2) Circulation: Approx. 10,000
3) Distribution: All visitors to EDSFair 2002
4) Size of ad space: 5.5 cm (H) x 8.5 cm (W)
5) Price list (excluding consumption tax)
Applicants: \120,000
6) Deadline for submitting materials: Tue., January 8, 2002
7) Contact information
Mr. Mizuno
Bunshodo Printing Corp.
5-3-7, Mita, Minato-ku, Tokyo, 108-0073
Tel: +81-3- 3455-0258 Fax: +81-3-3455-0264
e-mail: mizuno-k@ps.bunshodo.co.jp
8) Format: Macintosh Illustrator File
9) Submission instructions
Please submit by e-mail, or on a floppy or MO disc. If submitting by e-mail, please attach a noncompressed file named ExhibitorName.eps.
10) Production services
We will produce advertisements at the request of exhibitors.
Production fee: \10,000 (consumption tax will be added)
(4) Customized Message Mail-Out Service (Mailing List)
1) No. of recipients: Approx. 10,000
2) Recipients: Visitors to the previous fair
3) Dates
We will mail out your information on a date of your choice between Mon., December 3 and Fri., January 25. Up to ten mail-outs will be conducted each day, on a first-come, first-served basis.
4) Content of message: Restricted to information about exhibits at EDSFair 2002
5) Service charges(excluding consumption tax)
Applicants : \120,000 per mail-out
6) ) Deadline for submitting message
Ten (10) days prior to preferred mail-out date
7) Contact information: Mr. Torikai: Japan Electronics Show Association /edsfair@jesa.or.jp
8) Format of message
Preferred mail-out date: Please specify your preferred mail-out date.
Subject: Please specify the title of the message.
Body: Up to 38 em characters x 15 lines (570 characters) of text-only data
Mail-out Sender Account: The exhibitor's name will appear as the sender of the message, so please specify the mail account to be used.
* The EDS Fair header and footer will be attached to the body of the message. We will inform you of the content of the header and footer at a later date.
9) Submission instructions: Please submit by e-mail.
10. Participation Fees
The exhibition fees per booth, excluding consumption tax, are as follows:
l-Type k2,970mm(v)~2,970mm(c)~2,700mm(g)lc $3,000
r-Type k1,980mm(v)~1,980mm(c)~2,700mm(g)lc $2,000

Benefit of Special booth packages(The above fees include the following:)
(1) Fascia board
(2) Floor carpet
(3) Company sign
(4) Display stand(W900~D700~H800)
(5) Reception counter(W900~D450~H800)
(6) Folding chair
(7) Fluorescent light 40w
(8) Basic Power Supply
(9) 200 Sets of Information Leaflets, Invitation Tickets (Japanese) and Envelopes per Booth
(10) Exhibitor Badges (10 per booth)
(11) Contractor Badges (5 per booth)
(12) Exhibitor Introduction Space in Guidebook
(13) Exhibitor Introduction Space on Internet Homepage
(14) Free Meal Tickets of Convivial Party with Japanese distributors (for 3 persons)
11. Additional Costs
The above exhibition fees do not include any of the following :
(1) Power Supply in Excess of Basic Power Supply
Electric power supply, single-phase more than 1kW per booth or three-phase 200V, is available for the following fees:
Single-phase 100V or 200V = @8,000/kW (plus tax)
Three-phase 200V= @8,000/kW (plus tax)
(2) Installation Work for Electric Power Supply Equipment (in addition to basic power supply)
(3) Electricity Usage
Exhibitor's bear the following charges for the consumption of electric power in accordance with the power source specifications applied for:
Electricity = @2,000/kW (plus tax)
(4) Temporary Telephone
Temporary telephones can be installed in booths on request.
Installation Basic charge Application fee Call charges
Public analog line = @30,000/line (including tax)
 INS 64 line = @45,000/line (including tax)
Please note that if the actual total expenses, including call charges, exceed a stipulated amount, the exhibitor will be invoiced after the show.
[Period of Operation] Wednesday, January 23, through Friday, January 25, 2002
(5) Overtime Charge
If overtime work is required in excess of the specified working hours for preparation before and/or during the show, the exhibitor concerned shall bear overtime charges.
Overtime charge= @10,000/hour (plus tax)
(6) Additional Sets of Information Leaflets, Invitation Tickets (Japanese) and Envelopes and/or Exhibitor/Contractor Badges
Orders for these items in addition to free-of-charge allotments will be charged at cost as listed below:
Sets of Information Leaflet, Invitation Tickets (in excess of 200 per booth)= @50/set (including tax)
Envelopes (in excess of 200 per booth)= @30/envelope (including tax)
Exhibitor Badges (in excess of 10 per booth)= @50/badge (including tax)
Contractor Badges (in excess of 5 per booth)= @500/badge (including tax)
(7) Booth Administration
Costs related to booth administration include transportation and personnel costs.
(8) Other
Other expenses may be incurred owing to exhibitors' requests and/or legal requirements concerning booth design. Refer to the Guide for Preparation for details.
12. Application and Payment
Fill in the application form and send it to JESA.
(1) Send to
Japan Electronics Show Association
5F, Sumitomo Shibadaimon Bldg. 1-12-16, Shibadaimon, Minato-ku, Tokyo, 105-0012, Japan
Phone: +81-3-5402-7601 Fax: +81-3-5402-7605
E-mail: edsfair@jesa.or.jp
(2) Deadline
Application: Wednesday, October 31, 2001
(3) Fee Payment
Exhibition fees are to be remitted to one of the following bank accounts upon receipt of an invoice from the Show Management Office.
Payments by promissory note will not be accepted. Bank transfer charges should be paid by the exhibitor.
Bank account holder's name: Japan Electronics Show Association
Remit to: Sumitomo Mitsui Bank Marunouchi-nakadori Branch
Ordinary deposit account: No.0962891
Application Form for special booth package
13. Determination of Booth Location
The allocation of booths will be determined, in principle, by the Organizing Committee.
14.Cancellation and Reduction of Booth Spaces
Cancellation/Reduction Notification Nov. 19 or after Penalty= Entire amount of exhibition fee
Written notification of the intention to cancel participation or reduce booth space should be sent by fax or e-mail, and such notification is considered to be valid on the day it arrives at the Fair Management Office.
15. Application form
16. Guide to exhibition for regular exhibiters

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