New Activities Visitor Trends at 2003
Publicity Activities

Targeting Mass Media
Four press releases will be issued prior to EDSFair2004, creating a steady flow of information to keep attention levels high among potential visitors. High media interest in this event was witnessed at EDSFair2003, where the number of visiting media rose 40% from the previous year. A pressroom will be set up on-site in 2004 to facilitate media coverage, and media promotion activities will be implemented to maximize press coverage.

To Further Enhance the Effectiveness of Exhibiting at EDSFair2004

Suite Demonstrations
Space to make detailed presentations to or discuss business with specific customers
Three types of suite rooms (small, medium and large) will be available at low prices in a location close to the exhibition hall. In a calm distinct atmosphere, exhibitors will be able to deliver detailed presentations concerning strategic goods as well as new products yet to be disclosed, to specific customers selected by them. These places can also be used for meetings or business negotiations.

Exhibitor Seminars
Intensive PR focused on small numbers of general customers
Exhibitors may use 45-minute timeframes for conducting seminars. These are ideal opportunities for concentrated PR activities targeting limited numbers of 30 to 100 customers. Presentations will reach listeners far more efficiently than both explanations subject to frequent interruptions.

Barcode System
Making follow-up and sales activities easy
At the Fair entrance, each visitor will be assigned a barcode for information management purposes. Exhibitors can also rent barcode readers at a low price, freeing them from manual operations after the exhibition such as sorting business cards received at booths and suite presentations. This system and a newly developed information database will facilitate speedy business activities.

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