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New Activities

New Activities to Gain Maximum Exhibition Effectiveness of Exhibiting at EDSFair 2005

Full scale visitor promotion activities before, during and after the exhibition

Many of EDSFair visitors learn of the exhibition through on-line media. In particular, e-mail message distribution ranked No. 1 last year and the year before. To effectively use information received from exhibitors and enhance visitor anticipation, product and seminar information will be distributed to the previous year’s visitors, as well as to pre-registrants via e-mail.

1.Advance Visitor Promotion
[E-mail message distribution service]
Distributing information on exhibits as well as contents of exhibitor seminars will increase the number of visitors to your booth and attendees in your seminars. Ensuring target visitor numbers to your booth in the limited amount of time during the Fair can be difficult. The organizers believe that information distribution prior to the Fair will play an important role to build anticipation and increase the number of visitors to individual booths.

2.Contacting Visitors at the Fair Site
[Barcode system]
On-site visitor management using a barcode system enables exhibitors to obtain significantly more visitor information than ever before. In addition to information on business cards, the barcode system makes it possible to collect information on visitors’ business categories, occupations and objectives for visiting. Exhibitors can analyze visitor characteristics for both the EDSFair as a whole and their own booths, which can then used as effective marketing information.

What’s more, visitor profiles will be provided to exhibitors on the day following data processing, creating opportunities to secure a competitive advantage.

3.Contact with Visitors after the Fair
[E-mail message distribution service]
It is impossible to contact every visitor during the Fair period, which is why EDSFair will offer its e-mail message distribution service to visitors after the Fair concludes. Usage of this service will extend exhibition effectiveness by expanding communication opportunities to the period following the Fair.

Exhibitor Seminars 
EDSFair hosts more than 100 exhibitor seminars every year. These sessions are ideal opportunities for concentrated PR activities targeting limited numbers of customers. In addition, attendee questionnaires enable exhibitors to meet their visitor data needs and conduct effective marketing activities.

Suite Demonstrations 
In a calm, distinctive atmosphere, exhibitors can deliver detailed presentations concerning new and strategic products to specific customers selected by them. Suite demonstration locations can also be used for meetings or business negotiations. Use this space to make detailed presentations to or discuss business with specific customers

To Further Enhance the Effectiveness of Exhibiting at EDSFair 2005 
First-time Exhibitors
You will receive one free usage of the Fair’s visitor database to send information to visitors during the e-mail dispatching period. You can also set up banner ads in spaces reserved for first-time exhibitors on the EDSFair 2005 web site.

Exhibitors at EDSFair 2004
If you apply for more booth space in 2005 than you did in 2004, you will receive one free usage of the Fair’s visitor database to send information to visitors during the e-mail dispatching period.

All Exhibitors
A yen10,000 discount per booth will be applied for all applications received by September 10, 2004. You will also be eligible to participate in the primary booth allocation and seminar-scheduling lottery at the exhibitor orientation meeting. Discounts will be offered on ad fees in the official guidebook and Fair information e-mail service.

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