Electronic Design and Solution Fair 2005
Silicon Integration Initiative(Si2)
本社 12521 Amherst Drive, Suite 200 Austin, Texas, 78727, USA
連絡先 Contact: Bill Bayer
出展物紹介 Si2 is an organization of industry-leading companies in the semiconductor, electronic systems and EDA tool industries. We are focused on improving productivity and reducing cost in creating and producing integrated silicon systems. We believe that through collaborative efforts, the industry can achieve higher levels of systems-on-silicon integration while reducing the cost and complexity of integrating future design systems. OpenAccess is one of our key projects.
Silicon Integration Initiative(Si2)
1月27日(木) 第5会場 (DM3)  10:30 〜 11:15
OpenAccess: Design Flow Adoption and EDA Tool Development Experiences
Sumit DasGupta氏 (Vice President of Technology)
The OpenAccess API and reference implementation is rapidly being adopted in major semiconductor manufacturers' design flows and has become an important platform for EDA tool developers. This session will provide examples and experiences.
1月27日(木) 第5会場 (DM3)  11:30 〜 12:15
Emerging Initiatives for EDA Challenges

Steve Schulz氏 (President and CEO)
There are emerging customer-led initiatives which will address critical challenges in the semiconductor and EDA industries. Si2 members are taking the lead in identifying and developing solutions through new collaborative efforts. This session will provide details.


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