Premier Event for the Semiconductor and System Design Solutions Industry
  Electronic Design and Solution Fair 2006
Period:Thursday,January 26-Friday,January 27,2006
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Exhibition Regulations

1.Scope of Exhibits

1.1. Hardware Solutions
system LSI, ASIC/ASSP, MPU/MCU/DSP, FPGA/PLD and others

1.2. Hardware Development (EDA)

  1. IC design tools
    system level design (higher than RTL), logic design (RTL to net list), logic verification, analog design/verification, physical implementation, physical verification/analysis, signal integrity analysis,test(DFT/BIST/ATPG/others), DFM(OPC/RET/PSM/LRC/ TCAD/others) and others
  2. PCB design tools
    schematic capture, PCB layout, PCB signal integrity, analog design/verification and others
  3. System in Package(Sip) tools

1.3 Software solutions
embedded OS, device drivers, firmwear/middleware and others

1.4 IC tester/analyzer
IC testers, PCB testers, analyzers and others

1.5 IP core, macro, cell libraries

1.6 Embedded processor development environments
reconfigurable processors, ICE, debuggers, microcomputer CASE, compilers/cross compliers, simulators, hardware/software co-design environments and others

1.7 Design service-related
design houses/design services, design consulting, IP distribution services and others

1.8 Design infrastructure (WS/PC, Network)

1.9 Design data management tool

1.10 Mask shop, Foundry

1.11 University (R&D), Consortium

1.12 PR-related
publications and others

2.Eligible Exhibitors

2.1 Manufacturers, trading companies, publishing companies and organizations with operations applicable to Section 1 above.

2.2 Applications through representatives such as advertising agencies will not be accepted.

3.Configuration and Number of Booths

Configuration No. of booths applied for
1 row 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6
2 rows 4,6,8,10,12
3 rows 9,12,15,18
4 rows 16
Blocks 20,25,30

4 Booth Specifications

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Exhibition Regulations
1 Scope of Exhibits
2 Eligible Exhibitors
3 Configuration and Number of Booths
4 Booth Specifications
5 Fees
6 Additional Costs
7 Application and Payment
8 Determination of Booth Location
9 Booth Cancellation/Reduction
10 Fair Cancellation
11 Prohibitions and Restrictions
12 Responsibility for Exhibits
13 Suites
14 Seminars by Exhibitors
15 Guidelines for Advertising Placement
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