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  Electronic Design and Solution Fair 2006
Period:Thursday,January 26-Friday,January 27,2006
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Exhibition Regulations

4.Booth Specifications

4.1 Booths in rows
Arranged in one or more rows in accordance with configurations shown above. Each booth is 2,970 mm (W) x 2,970 mm (D).

4.2 Block area
The total area of each block area will be calculated by multiplying the unit area of a booth (9m2) by the number of booths specified. Booths will then be rearranged in a space with a width-depth ratio of 2:1 to 1:1. This will be indicated in a design drawing at the time of booth lottery.

4.3 Booth height
Maximum booth height is 2,700 mm. This limit may be exceeded by 300 mm in exceptional cases of installing minimum lighting and/or sound equipment (small-size speakers, etc.), if inevitable for construction reasons.


The exhibition fees per booth are as follows:

Apply by Sept. 9, 2005 Apply after Sept. 10, 2005
JESA member ¥262,500 (including tax) ¥273,000 (including tax)
Other ¥294,000 (including tax) ¥304,500 (including tax)

The above fees include:

5.1 Basic panels
Exhibitors with in-row booths will receive system panels for the rear of their booths and, if other booths are arranged adjacently, for the side(s). There will be no dividing panels on the aisle sides of booths. Basic panels will not be provided for exhibitors in block areas of 20 booths or more.

5.2. Basic power supply line
Installation of electric power supply lines for 1kW (max) singlephase 100V or 200V, including one outlet for total switching per booth (Note: Electricity consumption is charged according to the table in paragraph 6.4 below.)

5.3. 200 information leaflet/invitation ticket sets (Japanese) and envelopes per booth

5.4. Exhibitor and contractor badges (10 and 5 per booth)

5.5. Exhibitor introduction space in Guidebook

5.6. Exhibitor introduction space on Fair Web site

6.Additional Costs

The above exhibition fees do not include the following costs:

6.1 Booth decorations other than basic system panels
A package booth program is available.
[Standard package]
Parapets, cutting sheets for company name lettering, carpeting, reception counter, chairs, spotlights, fluorescent lights, electric outlet

One booth ¥90,300 (including tax)
Two booths ¥142,800 (including tax)
Three booths ¥195,300 (including tax)

Variations are available. Refer to the Guide for Preparation.

6.2 Extra power supply
Extra electric power supply lines (exceeding 1kW per booth single-phase or three-phase 200V) are available for the following

Single-phase 100V or 200V ¥8,400/kW (including tax)
Three-phase 200V ¥8,400/kW (including tax)

6.3 Installation work for extra electric power supply equipment

6.4 Total electricity consumption
Exhibitors bear the following charges for the consumption of electric power, including that of the basic power supply, in accordance with their power supply application:

Electric power consumption ¥2,100/kW (including tax)

6.5 Temporary telephone
Temporary telephones can be installed in booths on request. The following charges include basic installation, line application fees and call charges up to the stipulated amount. If the total of actual charges, including call charges, exceeds these amounts, the exhibitor will be invoiced after the Fair.

Public analog line ¥31,500/line (including tax)
INS 64 line ¥47,250/line (including tax)
Period of operation: January 25–27, 2006

6.6 Overtime charges
Exhibitors shall bear overtime work charges if preparation time is required in excess of the specified hours any day before or during the show.

Overtime charge ¥10,500/hour (including tax)

6.7 Additional information leaflet/invitation ticket sets (Japanese),envelopes and exhibitor/contractor badges
Extra orders (exceeding free-of-charge allotments) will be charged at cost as follows:

Leaflet/Ticket sets (over 200 per booth) ¥50/set (including tax)
Envelopes (over 200 per booth) ¥30/envelope (including tax)
Exhibitor Badges (over 10 per booth) ¥50/badge (including tax)
Contractor Badges (over 5 per booth) ¥500/badge (including tax)

6.8 Booth administration
Costs related to booth administration include transportation and personnel.

6.9 Other
Other expenses may be incurred owing to exhibitor requests and/or legal requirements concerning booth design. Refer to the Guide for Preparation

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