Premier Event for the Semiconductor and System Design Solutions Industry
  Electronic Design and Solution Fair 2006
Period:Thursday,January 26-Friday,January 27,2006
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Exhibition Regulations

12.Responsibility for Exhibits

To the best of its ability, the Management Office will ensure the security of exhibits during the Fair period by means of security guard patrols. However, the Management Office assumes no responsibility for damage or loss through natural disasters, fire, thefts or other events. Exhibitors are encouraged to arrange appropriate measures, such as insurance, for their property at the Fair.


Suites are available in the exhibition hall for exhibitors to conduct business negotiations or demonstrate products to specific customers. Please fill in the designated column in the exhibition application form, and send it to the Management Office.

13.1 Dates and times of usage
9:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m., January 26 & 27, 2006

13.2 Room specifications and charges

Type-S 3,960mm (w) x 3,960mm (d) (approx. 16m2) x 2,700mm (h) ¥273,000
Type-M 5,940mm (w) x 3,960mm (d) (approx. 24m2) x 2,700mm (h) ¥336,000
Type-L 5,940mm (w) x 4,950mm (d) (approx. 30m2) x 2,700mm (h) ¥378,000

The above room charges included the following costs:

  1. 4 walls and 1 door (system panels)
  2. Carpet
  3. Signboard with exhibitor's name
  4. 1.5-kW power source (socket) and electricity consumption
  5. 40-W fluorescent lights (3 for Type-S, 6 for Type-M, 8 for Type-L)

13.3 Maximum rooms available

Booths applied for Maximum rooms
6 or less 1
8–10 2
12–15 3
16 or more 4

13.4 Room allocation
The Management Office will determine room allocation.

13.5 Fixtures
The Management Office will provide, on request, detailed information on fixtures such as tables, chairs and reception sets. Applicants must pay actual costs and expenses to use these fixtures. The applicant should prepare demonstration equipment and instruction materials.

13.6 Restrictions

  1. Neither microphones nor speakers are permitted in the suites.
  2. Suites may not be used either as waiting or stock rooms.
  3. Re-rental of suites to other companies is not permitted.

13.7 Administration

  1. The suite area will be located in the Exhibition Hall and clearly distinguished from the exhibition area using system panels and other installations.
  2. The Management Office will be responsible for the suite area, but users should manage their suite rooms.
  3. The user should arrange escorts to suites. Paging services will not be available.
  4. A refreshment lounge in the Exhibition Hall will provide food and beverage services for exhibitors and visitors. Users shall bear the relevant costs.
  5. Two or more adjacent suites can be combined for use as a large room, or the room size can be altered by moving partition walls.

13.8 Cancellation and reduction of suite spaces
Exhibitors who cancel or reduce their suite size for any reason shall bear the following penalties, plus consumption tax.

Date notified Penalty
Sept. 12-30
50% of suites charge
Oct. 3-Nov. 11 80% of suites charge
Nov. 14 or after Entire suites charge

7 Application and Payment 14 Seminars by Exhibitors

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