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出展物紹介 Nascentric’s next generation Fast-SPICE simulator is specifically designed to handle critical simulation and verification challenges in large nanometer designs. Employing a unique, patented approach to simulation, Nascentric provides a solution that has faster performance, larger capacity, and higher accuracy than existing Fast-SPICE simulators. Nascentric achieves this speedup through the intelligent use of silicon-accurate current-based measurements, multiple evaluation engines, advanced parasitic handling algorithms, and intelligent data management.

User Benefits:
● Higher Speed - 10X or faster than existing Fast-SPICE simulators
● Larger Capacity - Helps simulate large digital and memory designs
● Greater Accuracy - Captures complex nanoscale transistor behavior
1月24日(木) DM1-24-7  16:30 〜 17:15
The Role of Extraction in Fast-SPICE Verification and Analysis
Dr. John Croix (Research and Development,
Founder and CTO)
The settings used during parasitic extraction can significantly impact the speed, capacity and accuracy of Fast-SPICE verification and analysis. Extraction settings intended to produce maximum simulation accuracy could actually result in less accuracy, as well as decreased speed and capacity. Furthermore, certain extraction settings may cause multi-fingered transistors to be extracted to multiple transistors instead of single ones resulting in a significant simulation runtime impact. Extraction tools may also split larger capacitances into smaller ones, thereby increasing the number of devices, nodes, node names, and overall size of the netlist without any appreciable gain in simulation accuracy. Excessively large numbers of parasitic elements are often reduced within a simulator simply in order to fit into memory, and the reduction methodology may or may not result in the desired accuracy. This seminar will address the issue of parasitic extraction and discuss the tradeoffs that designers must make as they decide how to address their extraction and simulation requirements.



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