Electronic Design and Solution Fair 2008
Kilopass Technology Inc. 107
3333 Octavius Drive, Ste. 101, Santa Clara, CA 95054 USA
Craig Rawlings, Director of Japan Operations
TEL:408-980-8808 x121
出展物紹介 Kilopass provides standard logic CMOS embedded Non-Volatile Memory (NVM) IP called eXtra Permanent Memory (XPM). XPM IP is hard IP that requires no additional mask or process steps and no DRC waiver requirements with proven high yield and high reliability required for high volume consumer applications. XPM has been certified by TSMC and is already in production at 180 nm (.18 um) and 130 nm. The TSMC 90 nm LP, 90 nm G, 65 nm LP, and 65 nm G+ nodes have been verified in silicon and are in the process of being qualified and certified by TSMC.


phone : 03-5402-7601 FAX:03-5402-7605
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