Electronic Design and Solution Fair 2008
Jedat Inc.
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東京都中央区日本橋小舟町6-6 小倉ビル
Ogura Bldg., 6-6, Nihonbashi Kobunacho, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 1030024, Japan
連絡先 経営企画部
Corporate Planning Division
出展物紹介 ジーダットは、カスタムデザイン分野、DFM分野等にフォーカスして、その分野に於けるリーディングカンパニーを目指しています。本展示会では、カスタムデザイン分野をターゲットとして、設計TATの大幅短縮実現をテーマに、最新の各種製品を取り揃えて皆様のご来場をお待ちしております。

  ◇ 回路・物理設計統合環境: α-SX CustomCreator
  ◇ アナログ統合設計環境: α-SX AnalogCreator
  ◇ 新世代レイアウトシステム: α-SX Ismo
  ◇ Takumi社DFMツール: Takumi Enhance/HSF
  ◇ 高速DFMブラウザ: HOTSCOPE
  ◇ DFMツール: CMP-Designer
  ◇ FishTail社制約条件生成/検証ツール: Focus/Confirm/Refocus
  ◇ Cellライブラリ作成環境: CharFlo-Cell 他
1月24日(木) DM1-24-3  12:30 〜 13:15
Ajay Daga氏 (CEO, FishTail Design Automation, Inc.)
In this seminar we will present and demonstrate the industry’s leading solution for the generation and verification of design
constraints. We will show why the FishTail
products offer unparalleled ease of use – users do not have to learn any tool commands and results are presented in intuitive HTML reports that are linked to input design data. We will discuss how FishTail products scale to handle complex SOC designs whose sizes exceed ten million gates.
DM4-24-7  16:30 〜 17:15
Next-generation Cell Library Characterization Tool
You-Pang Wei氏 (Predident, Legend Design Technology, Inc.)
Conventional tool may produce an 'easy-to-break' cell library model, because it only examines pins' function, not internal 'signal integrity' failures.
Legend's CharFlo-Cell! is a next-generation cell library characterization tool, using patented Multi-Goals BiSection method. The setup and hold time characterized will ensure no glitch and metastability inside the cell.
CharFlo-Cell! can also diagnose any given .Lib model, and report the modeling problems.
1月25日(金) DM4-25-1  10:30 〜 11:15
Enforcing Recommended Rules to Improve Yield
Ravi Ravikumar氏 (Marketing Director, Takumi Technology Corporation)
At geometries below 90nm, foundries add numerous recommended rules to compensate for potential yield issues from many factors including, materials used, process and optical parameter variations. A layout designer's challenge is: when to conform to recommended rules and when not to. Takumi provides the only solution that enables designers to automate the process of enforcing any number of recommended rules for a layout.
1月25日(金) DM4-25-7  16:30 〜 17:15




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