Electronic Design and Solution Fair 2008
Magma Design Automation Co., Ltd.
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出展物紹介 「コンセプトから完成までIC設計を網羅した最高品質のEDAソフトウェア製品とソリューションを開発、販売し、お客様の成功に貢献する」を会社のミッションとし、マグマ社は、困難な市場投入期間目標を達成し、チップ性能を改善し、数百万ゲート設計に対応した自動電子設計(EDA)ソフトウェアをご提供しています。

EDSFair 2008では、まだマグマ社としては認知度が低いフロントエンド・ソリューションを中心に、最新ソリューションをご紹介いたします。ご来場の際は、是非マグマ社のブースにお立ち寄りいただき、業界最先端のソリューションをご覧下さい。
1月24日(木) E205-24-5  14:30 〜 15:15
「Talus Next Generation Automated Floorplan Synthesis」
Arvin Narayanan (Design Implementation Business Unit)
With time-to-market pressures and growing complexity at nanometer design nodes, designers require higher levels of automation and faster run times. Talus’ automated floorplan synthesis enables rapid exploration of the design space and provides a faster and more predictable path to design closure.

Automatic partitioning and shaping, congestion- aware hard macro placement and automatic power planning not only save considerable run-time and manual effort, but also provide better timing, area and QORquality of results. Features such as relative floorplan constraints enable designers to retain the floorplan with minimal changes from one iteration to the next, rather than starting all over. This significantly accelerates the design cycle and reduces development costs.

Finally, an integrated design flow with a single executable and common analysis engines enhance productivity by eliminatinge unnecessary file transfers and ensuring continuous correlation to final implementation.
1月25日(金) E205-25-4  13:30 〜 14:15
「New techniques for DFM, Yield Improvement and DRC Sign off during implementation at 65nm/45nm」
Dwayne Burek  (Physical Verification Business Unit )
Post-layout (GDS-based) approaches to DFM/DRC analysis and fixing have proven to be ineffective due to unacceptable runtimes, multiple design iterations, and negative impact on timing and power. Manufacturing challenges such as sub-wavelength lithography, random particle defects, and CMP effects are no longer manufacturing (fab) concerns alone. As designers seek to increase performance and remove undesirable parametric variability they face greatly increased challenges. Magma Design Automation will describe a new flow to efficiently handle yield-loss mechanisms including lithography issues during implementation. A smooth hand-off to manufacturing is ensured by including foundry qualified compliance checks and “sign-off” accurate DFM/DRC verification.

プレスリリース ・マグマ社、PLX Technology社のPCI Express Gen 2スィッチ ファミリの納期、予算内での出荷を実現(2008/1/3)
・Sigma Designs社、複雑なSoC設計に対しマグマ社製ソフトウェア一式を導入(2007/12/20)
・Advanced Micro Devices社、マグマ社の回路シミュレータFineSim SPICEを採用(2007/12/19)


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