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Participation Cost

Exhibition Fee: ¥210,000 / 1 booth (2m x 2m = 4sqm)
US$ 1,810.34
Euro 1,438.35
*US$ and Euro amounts provided for reference only at the exchange rates of US$1 =¥116 and Euro1 =¥146
Items Included: -Display space
-Display stand (with drawers)
-Reception counter
-Electric outlet (1-kW worth)
-Special Presentation Stage (10 minutes per use)
-PR assistance service
-Communication Area (Open lunge)

Other Sample Expeses

Air Tickets

Following are Example of Discount Price (Coach Class).

From North America
Los Angeles: $1,000
New York: $1,000
Washington DC: $1,000
From Europe
Paris: $2,000
London: $2,000
Hanover: $3,500
Brussels: $2,000
From Asia
Beijing: $900
Shanghai: $900
Hong Kong: $900
Singapore: $800
  1. The above list excludes business class ticket prices.
  2. The above list excludes prices tickets with restrictions. This is a sample of approximate prices, therefore, the actual prices may differ, depending on the place of purchase, airline, flight, etc.
  3. The above prices are as of January 2005. They may change, depending on currency and/or crude oil price changes. Please use the price list for reference only.

Transportation in Japan
From Airport to Fair site: ¥3,080 (Bus, one way)
¥4,160 (Train, one way)
Fair-related expenses
Booth option fee: ¥30,000 (Monitor)
Food & beverages: ¥1,200 (Lunch & soft drink)
¥3,000 (Dinner & soft drink)
Inter Continental Hotel: ¥18,900 / night (including breakfast)
Pan Pacific Hotel: ¥17,850 / night (including breakfast)
Sakuragicho Washington: ¥10,500 / night (including breakfast)

Pacifico Yokohama, site of the Fair, is a few minutes walk from each of these hotels.

Shipping and Materials Handling

Sample rates using DHL
Handling specifications:

Items that can be contained in the specified DHL box (48cm x 45cm x 35cm), and weighing up to 25kg; no distinction is made whether the items are documents, small packages, or data/media.

From North America and Europe: ¥30,000 (one way)
From Asia and Oceania: ¥20,000 (one way)

For more information, please access http://www.dhl.co.jp/eng/index.html on the web.

Other Costs

Producing leaflets in Japanese (about 1,000 to 1,600 words, A4 size, 4 colors, printed on both sides of page)

Translation Fee: ¥100,000
Editing and layout: ¥40,000
Printing Fee(500copy) ¥160,000