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Announcement of the Electronic Design and Solution Fair 2008

The Japan Electronics and Information Technology Industries Association (JEITA) will be hosting the Electronic Design and Solution Fair 2008 at the Pacifico Yokohama on January 24 (Thursday) and 25 (Friday), 2008.

The goal of EDSFair is to introduce and disseminate information about the latest design solutions, design technologies and EDA technologies required to produce the electronic systems and semiconductors for the IT applications that will form the foundation of the future information society, whose citizens will enjoy a ubiquitous computing environment. The fair thus contributes to the development of electronics and other IT-related industries. This will be the 15th time the fair has taken place, including its previous incarnation as the EDA TechnoFair.

Since last year, Japan's electronic information industry has remained robust, rebounding from the negative growth of the preceding year and recovering to a market size of ¥20 trillion. Driving this growth is firm demand for LCD televisions and plasma displays, DVD recorders, digital audio players and other digital home electronics. This growth in the market for digital products is having a significant effect, rippling out into the related industries of semiconductors and displays, electronic components and materials. This drives the expansion of capital investment, while also contributing substantially to higher personal consumption. JEITA forecasts that this year, Japan's electronics industry will achieve a 3.6% increase over last year, growing for the second consecutive year, reaching more than ¥21 trillion as a result of rising worldwide demand.

Faced by increased competition in the international arena, Japan's industries as a whole need to enhance their competitive power, and this requires innovations on many different levels. It is therefore of critical management importance that we foster the industry's talented human resources-particularly the engineers needed to realize these innovations.

“Explore the Best of Bests Your two days towards further innovation” is the theme of this Electronic Design and Solution Fair 2008. You will find on display world-class, cutting-edge technologies tailored for an age that demands new solutions. There are a variety of seminars and a conference offering a wide range of up-to-date information. There are open sessions catering to young engineers, new zones that bring together both Japanese and foreign venture businesses, as well as initiatives for promoting substantive technical exchanges between industry, academia and government.

It is the fervent desire of all of us in JEITA that EDSFair will contribute to enhancing the design technologies available to Japan's electronic and IT industries, and also that both exhibitors and visitors will be able to make the best use of the opportunities afforded by this event for conducting effective and fruitful exchanges of information, and for generating new business.

We greatly look forward to the participation of many companies and professionals in this upcoming trade show.