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Emerging Company Area

For emerging companies interested in participating in the fair but do not yet have a booth, this area is a great way to exhibit your technologies or products!

Low cost yet value-added environment designed to facilitate product introductions by emerging companies.

There are many visitors who are interested in the new technologies and products offered by emerging companies.

Special Packaged Booth Available:

  • Exhibition fee: ¥210,000 (including tax)
  • Booth dimensions: 2 meters (W) x 2 meters (D) x 2.7 meters (H)
  • Usage eligibility: Corporations and/or organizations that have displayed products up to twice in past EDSFair exhibitions.
  • Accessories included in the booth fee:
    • Display stand (with drawers)
    • Reception counter
    • Chairs
    • Company name display
    • Lighting and electric outlet (1kW)

*For further details, please refer to the Guide to Exhibition Regulations, 7 Exhibition Regulations for Emerging Company Area

Exhibitor Benefits at the Emerging Company Area

Use of the Special Presentation Stage

An open presentation stage will be prepared for exhibitors at the Emerging Company Area and it can be used free of charge.

PR assistance service

Promotional activities on the official Web site and for the media will be strengthened to showcase the pavilion as a featured venue of the EDSFair.


A lounge will be available within the pavilion that can be used for taking breaks or for communicating with customers in a relaxed atmosphere.

Emerging Company Area

The EDSFair has solicited wide-ranging opinions from key persons among prominent Japanese electronics and IT-related companies, as well as from visitors to EDSFair, and has closely analyzed this data to ascertain what kind of information visitors need. As a result of these endeavors, we have succeeded in ensuring that many overseas emerging companies and university-based emerging companies from the previous event will again participate in EDSFair 2008. One of our core policy initiatives is to reinforce system-level design and manufacturing design, and we have commenced specific activities accordingly.

This preparation is designed to provide overseas emerging companies, regardless of whether they have branch offices or subsidiaries in Japan, with better access to business opportunities here. When trying to generate business in the unfamiliar Japanese market, new emerging companies, especially those from overseas, face various barriers in terms of business efficiency, cost benefits and risk management. Our plan in inviting these companies is to help them overcome such hurdles and set up a viable business presence in the swiftest possible manner. Another goal is to quickly deliver to Japanese design developers new information that normally would be difficult for them to obtain. We will work hard to ensure the success of the Emerging Company Area, which is an important element in the EDSFair 2008 planning process.

Features of the Emerging Company Area

1. Low cost

For regular exhibitors at EDSFair, the total minimum cost is ¥384,300, which includes ¥294,000 for the smallest booth space (2.97 m x 2.97 m), plus ¥90,300 for the booth decorations. For exhibitors at the Emerging Company Area, a Special Packaged Booth is available for only ¥210,000, which includes both minimum booth space (2.0m x 2.0 m) and booth decorations.

2. High added value

-In addition to exhibiting space, a corner featuring the Presentation Stage will be made available, which can be used by exhibitors to showcase their technologies and products to a large audience. Applications for use will be accepted at first-come, first-serve basis and not all applicants may be able to reserve this venue.

-A Communication Area (open lounge) with tables and chairs will also be provided at the corner. Located close to the booths, the lounge can be used to facilitate business discussions with visitors in a relaxed atmosphere.

-The EDSFair Management Office will actively publicize the corner to prominent Japanese media organizations and encourage them to set up interviews with exhibitors. We aim to help enhance the visibility of exhibitors, not only during the event, but afterwards as well. All these services are included in the ¥210,000 participation price. In addition, Emerging Company Area exhibitors can use our existing sales promotion services (fees apply) that include sending information about your company to our mailing list of EDSFair visitors, posting your company's banner on the EDSFair website, placing your company's advertisements in the official Guidebook and Event Hall Layout Map, and arranging participation in exhibitor seminars.

3. Highly effective EDSFair 2008 planning

-Many visitors to past EDSFair events commented that they would like to see exhibits by up-and-coming overseas companies. For this reason, we will set up an area that is easily accessible for visitors, with enhanced convenience for exhibitors and visitors alike.

-Details of exhibits in the Emerging Company Area, activities at the Presentation Stage, scheduling and other information will be posted on the EDSFair website and extensively distributed to various media organizations.

4. High return on investment

In addition to the low costs and a number of included services, the Emerging Company Area is a highly visible showcase of this year's EDSFair, so all exhibitors can look forward to very beneficial cost performance when participating.

5. Assistance and information

The aforementioned services are designed to maximize effectiveness during EDSFair 2008. Information about participation can be easily obtained from the EDSFair English website, which also provides information about hotel discounts for participants and relevant public transport details. For further information, please contact the EDSFair Management Office.

Exhibitors in the Emerging Company Area will be able to reap maximum benefits with minimum effort. And we are confident that exhibitors will appreciate all the advantages of participating in EDSFair 2008.

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