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Applying for Support Services

3 Guidelines for Advertising Placement

Diverse advertising media and services are being planned to enhance exhibition effectiveness at EDSFair. Apply for these services by filling out the appropriate sections of the Application for Exhibition and return it to the Management Office. A special early application discount of 20% will be offered to exhibitors who apply on or before September 7, 2007.

3.1 Web Site Banner Ads

  1. Web site: Banner ads will be randomly displayed in a separate frame on the EDSFair 2008 Official Web site (www.edsfair.com).
  2. Period of placement: Mon., December 3, 2007 - Tue., February 26, 2008
  3. Size: 40 pixels (H) x 180 pixels (W)
  4. Price list
    Early applicants ¥42,000 (including tax)
    Secondary applicants ¥52,500 (including tax)
  5. Format
    Banner file size: Maximum of 10KB
    Banner file formats: GIF, JPEG
    Animated GIF: Up to 2 images may be alternately displayed
  6. Production services: The Management Office will produce banner ads upon request.
    Basic file format ¥52,500 (including tax)
    Animated GIF ¥84,000 (including tax)

3.2 Block ads on Fair map

  1. Format: A3 sheet (black and white)
  2. Circulation (planned): Approx. 15,000
  3. Distribution: All visitors to EDSFair 2008
  4. Size of ad space: 5.5 cm (H) x 8.5 cm (W)
  5. Service charges
    Early applicants ¥126,000 (including tax)
    Secondary applicants ¥157,500 (including tax)
  6. Format: Adobe Illustrator

3.3 Customized message e-Mail-out Service

  1. No. of recipients: Approx. 5,000
  2. Recipients: Previous visitors and preregistrants for EDSFair 2008
  3. Dates: On a date of the exhibitor's choice between Dec. 3, 2007, and Jan. 23, 2007. Preferred mail-out date: [Specify preferred date] The Management Office may coordinate the order of mail-out dates, in case more than two applicants choose the same date.
  4. Content of message: Restricted to information about EDSFair2008 exhibits
  5. Service charges
    Early applicants ¥60,000/mail-out (including tax)
    Secondary applicants ¥75,000/mail-out (including tax)
  6. Message format
    Body: Up to 70 characters x 17 lines (1,190 characters) of text-only data Mail-out Sender Account: Exhibitor name will appear as message sender, so please specify the mail account to be used.
    Note: The EDSFair header and footer will be attached to the body of the message. We will inform you of the content of the header and footer at a later date.

3.4 Signage ad
Insertion fee (including tax)

Ceiling suspended tapestry
above exhibitor's booth
¥400,000 (single side)
¥580,000 (both sides)
Column-wrapped ad ¥150,000
Floor signage ad ¥250,000
  1. Ceiling suspended tapestry ad above exhibitor's booth
    Limit per exhibitor: up to 1 space
    Banner over exhibitor's own booth is placed 8 meters above from the floor face to the bottom of tapestry. However its height is subject to be adjusted if necessary.
    Size: 2,400mm(h) x 4,500mm(w)
    Plice: Single side/¥400,000(including tax)
    Both sides/580,000(including tax)

    Three sides/¥900,000(including tax)
  2. Column-wrapped ad
    Available spaces:7
    Size: 2,100mm(h) x 1,000mm(w)
    Plice: ¥150,000(including tax)
  3. Floor signage ad
    Available spaces:2(escalator floor)
    Size: 1,600mm(h) x 3,000mm(w)
    Plice: ¥250,000(including tax)