Electronic Design and Solution Fair 2009
Tateno Dennou, Inc. [FPGA Village] 007
Location 5-955 Baigo,Ome, Tokyo 1980063 Japan
Contact info EXT Sales
Exhibit introduction New Product
*Stratix III solutions*
Tateno Dennou,Inc. is a leading supplier of StartixIII boards and tools in Japan. In this exhibition,we focus GiDEL.
The PROCStarIII x8 PCI express board series by GiDEL have up to four StratixIII 80E,110E,150L,260E,340L) devices on one board.
The PROC_SoC has huge logic (up to 60 Stratix III-340). It is suitable for ASIC development and accelerator of MATLAB Simulink in Labs.
They are supported by GiDEL's state of art tools of PROCWizard, PROC_HIL for various applications.
Auspy's ACE supports multi FPGA's partitioning.
We will introduce the new low cost hardware PROCeIII series,too.
We also supply various FPGA boards by Bitec, SLC,Microtronix,Opal Kelly and Terasic.


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