Electronic Design and Solution Fair 2009
Izumi Network Yugen Kaisha [Indian Pavilion] 018
Location Nagoya, Japan & Bangalore India
Contact info Izumi Network Yugen Kaisha
34-14, Takehashi Cho, Nakamura Ku,
Nagoya Shi, Aichi Ken, Japan

TEL:日本語:052-745-9511 English:+81527705982
FAX:日本語:052-745-9512 English:+81527705982
Exhibit introduction World First Japan First
Izumi Network was started in 2001, as a result of surging demand for quality translation services during the software boom. Starting with Japanese teaching, translation and interpretation, Izumi today provides an entire range of language services.

Our network of Consultants the world over include translation agencies, freelance translators, localization experts and web design companies who support us in offering several other value added services for your translations.

We undertake :

SOFTWARE LOCALIZATION for your multi language, multi platform projects.
This includes localizing materials to client specifications with engineering support, compilation and testing.

WEBSITE LOCALIZATION which will enable you to maximize and attune your presence on the internet to your target audience.

We also undertake support service :

Liasoning services

BPO services

Windows to India / Japan


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