Electronic Design and Solution Fair 2009
HELIC, Inc [Electromagnetic field analysis SI/PI Technology Zone] 106
Location 101 Montgomery street, suite 1950, San Francisco, CA 94104
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Helic develops disruptive EDA technology for RFIC and System-in-Package design. VeloceRF is the leading product for inductive component synthesis, extraction and verification and the only tool of its kind fully integrated in industry-standard RFIC design platforms. VeloceRF has been adopted by several renowned semiconductor companies worldwide. Helic's value proposition to its customers combines EDA tools, IP and services, aiming to enable first-pass silicon while greatly reducing the development cycles of integrated wireless transceivers.

- VeloceRF (Inductor Synthesis & Rapid whole-chip RF modeling)
- VeloceWired (Bondwires design and RF modeling)


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