Electronic Design and Solution Fair 2009
SYNFORA [Emerging Company Area] 112
Location 201 San Antonio Circle
Suite 172
Mountain View, CA USA
Contact info
TEL:1 (650) 314-0500
FAX:1 (650) 314-0501
Exhibit introduction New Product
Synfora, Inc., is the premier provider of algorithmic synthesis tools used to design complex SoCs and FPGAs. Its technology synthesizes large, very complex, multi-block designs, such as video codecs and wireless modems, from algorithmic C, reducing design costs, dramatically speeding chip development, and reducing time-to-market. Synfora serves customers worldwide in the audio, video, imaging, wireless, and security segments of the IC design market. For the latest information on Synfora, please visit http://www.synfora.com.


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