Electronic Design and Solution Fair 2009
PHYSWARE INC [Electromagnetic field analysis SI/PI Technology Zone] 105
Location 600 108th Ave. N.E., Suite 1035, Bellevue, WA, USA
Contact info Bala Vishwanath / President and COO
Exhibit introduction Physware is a provider of very high-speed accelerated field-solver technology that enables full-wave analysis for system-level signal integrity, power integrity, and integrity to electromagnetic interference. Physware helps its customers design for integrity from die through package to system. Physware's patented linear scaling technology coupled with true-parallelization enables not only speed enhancements while preserving maxwell-accuracy, but also lets designers dramatically increase the scale of problems that can be attempted thereby capturing all electromagnetic coupling effects.
Physware's flexible architectures enable connectivity to industry-standard design flows as well as provides designers the ability to create customized design layers that can be used for parametric modeling, optimization, design under manufacturing variation, and statistical simulation.
Physware is currently helping customers in a variety of application areas including wireless, memory, microprocessors, mixed-signal and high-speed SerDes.กก


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