Electronic Design and Solution Fair 2009
Incentia Design Systems, Inc. [Emerging Company Area] 213
Location 2620 Augustine Dr., Suite 200, Santa Clara, CA, 95054
Contact info Arthur Wei, VP of Operation
TEL:+1 408 727 8988
FAX:+1 408 727 8988
Exhibit introduction Incentia Design Systems, Inc. offers advanced Timing Analysis and Design Closure software for very large nanometer designs with much shortened turnaround time. Incentia's TimeCraft has been the fastest Static Timing Analyzer (STA) in the market. Its 2008.10 release effectively handles extremely large designs in excess of 50M gates using technology at 45nm and below. Incentia's complete timing solution also includes TimeCraft-LOCV for advanced location based OCV, TimeCraft-SSTA for statistical STA, TimeCraft-MT for multi-thread capability, TimeCraft-SI for signal integrity analysis, and TimeCraft-PCA for power analysis

ECOCraft is Incentia's design closure solution that focuses on post-layout 'Hold-Time' and 'Leakage Power' ECO. ECOCraft-Timing inserts a minimal numbers of delays to fix hold-time violations under Multi-Mode Multi-Corner (MMMC) at one time. ECOCraft-Power utilizes multi-threshold libraries and can further reduce leakage power by 10-20% from already optimized designs. ECOCraft and TimeCraft integrated into one tool, together with parallel MMMC support, can achieve runtime performance improvements up to 10X.

Incentia's products are in use at leading semiconductor, fabless IC design, systems, and design service companies worldwide and have produced numerous successful tape-outs. Please come to learn how Incentia customers have benefited from Incentia products in beating their tight tape-out schedules and shortening their total design turnaround time.


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