Electronic Design and Solution Fair 2009
Certicom Corp.【新興ベンダエリア】
Certicom Corp.[Emerging Company Area]
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1800 Alexander Bell Drive, Suite 400
Reston, VA USA
Craig Rawlings
Product Development /Sr. Director Product Management
出展物紹介 世界初 日本発 新製品

Asset Management System is a comprehensive infrastructure solution designed to help semiconductor companies manage, secure and control manufacturing processes in a global, outsourced manufacturing environment.

When implemented across the worldwide supply chain, Certicom AMS can deliver yield improvements that can be worth millions of dollars in savings to manufacturers by eliminating much of the waste associated with processing and further testing defective chips. In addition, the system can also deliver flexible new manufacturing capabilities to OEMs, including just-in-time feature provisioning and strong, new anti-cloning, anti-grey market protections. These capabilities save money while opening up new revenue sources for manufacturers.
Certicom Corp.【新興ベンダエリア】
時間:10:30 〜 11:15   会場:DM1
Anti-Counterfeiting: SOC Digital Content Protection and Management
Craig Rawlings
Senior Director of Product Management
As the investment and value of intellectual property and other digital assets within a system device increases, it becomes critical to provide technical protections. This means that hardware based security is needed.

A security protocol called Elliptic Curve Cryptography (ECC) provides government level, strong public key encryption with an ultra small hardware footprint. Correspondingly, ECC powers the enterprise class Asset Management System which securely distributes and manages digital assets throughout a semiconductor company's supply chain.



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