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Support Services

Web Site Placement (free)

EDSFair 2009 official Web site can be browsed not only by potential visitors but also by those involved in the industry and the press.
Important exhibitor products can be introduced in the site and we will offer links to the Web sites of exhibitors to help promote products and the exhibitor during and after the event. Also, charged banner ads on the Web will also be available before and during the event.

Use of Seminar Rooms (charged service)

Exhibitors can use seminar rooms available in 3 sizes (type A, B or C) to conduct effective presentations of technology and product seminars. Seminar information will be released in the official Web site and information leaflets prior to the fair.

Information Leaflets (in Japanese) and Free Envelopes

200 sets of direct mail for visitors will be distributed free of charge for each booth. The number of sets available may vary depending on the number of booths. Each set will include an information leaflet with envelope, which can be used to invite important customers to your booth and the fair.

Use of Suites (charged service)

Suites that serve as executive-style meeting rooms allow exhibitors to communicate with small groups or special customers in a relaxed atmosphere. Make good use of suites to introduce strategic or yet-to-be announced products to a specific audience.

Ad Placement on the Fair Map (charged service)

Block ads can be inserted in the map distributed during the fair.

Communication Support (free)

EDSFair2009 strive and plan to enhance the communication support with Japanese customers for overseas Company.

(1) Guided Tour
Guided tour offers exhibitors valued opportunity that your key technology to be introduced in Japanese by the expert tour guides at design technology and EDA. It enables exhibitors to reach new customers effectively.
*Usage eligibility:
Corporations and/or organizations that have not exhibited more than three times in the past EDSFair.
(2) Interpreting service desk
(English «» Japanese)
(3) Translation service for the official

EDSFair Official e-Mail Service (charged service)

Customized exhibitor information messages can be inserted in the official e-mail address of the EDSFair, which will be sent by the management office to prospective visitors two months prior to the fair. This will be an effective tool to attract more visitors.

Distribution of Press Releases (free)

Exhibitor press releases will be distributed to the media at the pressroom located at the site to make information on key products and new technologies readily available at the EDSFair.

On-site Signage Ads (charged service)

Ads can be placed on a wide variety of on-site signboards, serving as powerful tools to attract visitors to your booth.