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Get the Most Out of the EDSFair!

EDSFair is an Important Centerpiece of Businesses in Japan.

EDSFair is a large-scale tradeshow sponsored by JEITA that showcases the latest IC design tools, methodologies, manufacturing solutions, design services, and many other technologies that affect today's electronic circuits and systems. Participating vendors will exhibit products offering innovative technologies that are designed to meet customer requirements.

EDSFair offers you a great chance to acquire new sales opportunities and is an ideal venue to promote one's products.

EDSFair is:
  • Scheduled to be held at the same time as when domestic semiconductor and equipment manufacturers are allocating their budgets so it is perfectly timed for your sales activities.
  • A great opportunity to enhance the brand image of exhibitors.
  • An ideal venue for identifying customer needs that are difficult to obtain normally in business operations. And this feedback can be used as marketing data to enhance sales opportunities.

The EDSFair represents a tremendous opportunity to boost the potential of your business.

Keys to Exhibition Success

Use the power of information gained at EDSFair as the mainstay of your public relations activities.
Continually use the power of information gained at EDSFair to support your sales activities before, during and after the event.
Maximize exhibition effectiveness by making participation at the EDSFair a company-wide affair.

Coordinate Your Schedule with the EDSFair:

Increase exhibition effectiveness by timing the release of information on new products and technologies with the fair timetable.

  • Set product introduction schedules to match the start of the EDSFair.
  • Conduct press releases of new products and technologies prior to the fair.
  • Take advantage of the popular EDSFair official Web site.
  • Take advantage of PR opportunities offered by EDSFair.
  • Link overseas PR activities with the EDSFair.

Match Booth Design with the EDSFair:

Ensure that the booth design facilitates communications with customers.

  • Ensure that the booth is designed for easy entry.
  • Allocate wide spaces within the booth.
  • Presentations should be held within the booth to entice visitors to enter.
  • Positioning the meeting table close to the demonstration area is an effective setup.
  • Use of suite-room type booths is most effective for communicating with special customers.

Match PR Activities with the EDSFair:

Get all employees including the top management to conduct promotional activities together with the timetable of the EDSFair.

  • Enhance your company's presence by having the top management announce new products and corporate strategies.
  • Use the EDSFair as a venue to announce important alliances or partnerships.
  • Enhance corporate motivation by maximizing the most important characteristic of exhibitions: creating a sense of unity via effective events.
  • Ensure that the top management spends some time in the booth to support sales activities.

Match Promotional Activities with the EDSFair:

Conduct effective presentations with information not available in the booth.

  • Carefully review promotional tools, such as product catalogs and leaflets.
  • Purposely release in-depth information by hosting seminars and tutorials; design seminar programs for use in marketing activities after the exhibition.
  • Take advantage of commemorative novelty goods offered at the exhibition site.
  • Create effective visitor questionnaires to collect valuable customer data.

Match Sales Activities with the EDSFair:

Strengthen sales planning with the EDSFair and carry out continuous sales activities before, during and after the fair.

  • Prior to the fair, assign customer lists into categories such as VIP, important customers or potential customers.
  • Prior to the fair, develop sales strategies and planning for each category.
  • Prior to and during the fair, send direct mail and make appointments with important customers for the exhibition period.
  • During the fair, contact customers who did not visit your booth on the initial day of the fair.
  • After the fair, develop continuing sales strategies and maximize information gathering.

Match Advertising with the EDSFair:

Integrate important promotional activities with various advertising media with the timetable of the EDSFair.

  • Take advantage of the EDSFair ads planned for insertion in specialized magazines.
  • Include your EDSFair booth number in ads prior to the exhibition.
  • Ensure maximum customer pre-notification by using the EDSFair advertising media.