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Exhibition Regulations

8 Application and Payment

Fill in the appropriate application form(s) and submit to JESA by post.
  • Reception of original forms by post will be the date of receipt. JESA will NOT accept form submissions by fax.
  • If you have not exhibited at the EDSFair before, you are required to submit your corporate profile and product catalog along with the application form.

8.1 Send to
Japan Electronics Show Association
Attn.: Mr. Kohei Torikai / Ms. Shoko Watanabe
5F, Sumitomo Shibadaimon Bldg.2,
1-12-16, Shibadaimon, Minato-ku, Tokyo, 105-0012, Japan
Phone: +81-3-5402-7601 Fax: +81-3-5402-7605

8.2 Deadline
Early application: Friday, September 5, 2008
Secondary application: Friday, September 26, 2008
  1. If all available booths are not reserved by the application deadline, applications will be accepted from September 5, until all booths are sold.
  2. For applications received after the application deadline, some arrangements (Web site announcement, etc.) may be delayed compared with early applicants.
  3. In principle, the final deadline for application is November 7, even if all booths are not sold out.
  4. If booths remain available after the final deadline, applications may be accepted from the following day. In such cases, however, announcement in information sets may not be possible.

8.3 Fee payment
Exhibition fees are to be remitted to one of the following bank accounts upon receipt of an invoice from the Management Office.
If the payment based on the invoice from the Management Office is not made by December 26, 2008, your entry will be canceled.
In this case, you shall bear the penalties, plus consumption tax. Payments by promissory note will not be accepted, and bank transfer charges are to be paid by the exhibitor.
After the Fair, exhibitions will be invoiced the charges for electricity and advertisement incurred during the Fair.

9 Determination of Booth Location

Lots will be drawn to determine booth locations at the orientation for exhibitors held on October 17, 2008. Lotteries will be held among exhibitors with the same numbers and layouts of booths in the order that applications are received.

9.1 Primary lottery
For early applications received by September 5, 2008

9.2 Secondary lottery
For applications received from September 6 26, 2008

9.3 Supplementary booths
If booths remain available by the secondary lottery, they will be allotted to each floor as supplementary booths. New applicants on 9 Determination of Booth Location or after September 27 should select their desired locations from among the supplementary booths at the time of application.

10 Booth Cancellation/Reduction

Exhibitors who cancel or reduce their booth size for any reason shall bear the following penalties, plus consumption tax.

Date notified Penalty
Sept. 8 - 26 50% of exhibition fee
Sept. 27 - Nov. 7 80% of exhibition fee
Nov. 8 or after Entire exhibition fee

Written notification of the intention to cancel or reduce booth size should be sent by fax or e-mail. This notification is valid on the day it arrives at the Management Office.

Note: Exhibitors who cancel or reduce their booth size in Emerging Company Area, Suite, and/or Seminar shall also bear the aforementioned cancellation/reduction penalties.

11 Fair Cancellation

If the Fair cannot be held due to a natural disaster such as an earthquake, fire or other calamity beyond human control, fees will be refunded to exhibitors after subtracting necessary expenses incurred up to the date of said calamity. However, the Management Office cannot be held responsible for other expenses incurred by exhibitors.

12 Prohibitions and Restrictions

12.1 Sales of goods
Under no circumstances may exhibitors sell products on the Fair site.

12.2 Disturbing others
The acts described below are prohibited. EDSFair Executive Committee will implement swift and appropriate corrective measures should acts occur in violation of these prohibitions. If appropriate steps are not taken to address noted violations, the Executive Committee reserves the right to ban the violating exhibitors from exhibiting. The EDSFair Management Office also reserves the right to refuse applications to participate in future events from exhibitors who willfully, persistently or repeatedly commit acts in violation of these prohibitions.

  1. Exhibitors are prohibited from distributing questionnaires or soliciting visitors in aisles.
  2. Exhibitors are prohibited from disturbing other participants and/or visitors by making excessive noise. Should exhibitor require usage of loudspeakers take appropriate preventive measures.
  3. Should exhibitor require usage of laser beam, steam, gas, smoke or equipment that makes odor or vibration within the premises, take appropriate preventive measures. Note: For more details, please refer to the Exhibitors Manual
  4. In cases in which, under normal social conventions, an exhibit(s)/ behavior is inappropriate for a technology introduction.
  5. In cases in which an exhibits/behavior are offensive to public order and morals.

13 EDSFair Executive Committee

The Executive Committee functions as a body to deliberate and decide matters related to the management of the show, including regulations and plans. The Organizing Committee will be represented on the show site during the preparation and implementation phases.
These representatives will be responsible for maintaining the show environment, dealing with problems and ensuring that the show regulations are adhered to at all times. They have the authority to address problems as they arise.

14 Responsibility for Exhibits

To the best of its ability, the Management Office will ensure the security of exhibits during the Fair period by means of security guard patrols. However, the Management Office assumes no responsibility for damage or loss through natural disasters, fire, thefts or other events. Exhibitors are encouraged to arrange appropriate measures, such as insurance, for their property at the Fair.