EDSFair is...

One of the Three Largest Trade Shows in the World

EDSFair is one of the three largest trade shows in the world in the field of semiconductor and electronic system design, along with Design Automation Conference (DAC) and Design, Automation & Test in Europe (DATE). Here all the latest technologies from around the world can be found at one venue.

Continuously Growing Semiconductor Market

Japan's semiconductor market is expected to keep growth year after year thanks to robust demand for consumer digital equipment such as flat panel display TVs and the widespread adoption of 3G mobile phones. Further growth is expected as the global market as a whole adopts the latest technologies that enable ubiquitous computing.

Year-on-year increases to 2010

For the Next Generation

At the EDSFair discover a world of innovative new technologies rarely seen in day-to-day business. Actively promoting human resource training, this event provides young engineers with opportunities to gather the latest information. EDSFair is a business trade show engineered specifically to foster development of the industry.

Product demonstrations in booths and suites

By making use of the synergies generated by presentations at open booths and more personalized suite-based demonstrations for select groups, exhibitors will be able to gather information on potential customer needs from different perspectives.

Exhibitor Seminars

Exhibitors can effectively demonstrate their technologies and products free of charge at seminars. Each year, over 3,000 visitors attend about 100 of these seminars, making this a very popular part of the trade fair offering something for all participants.

17th FPGA/PLD Design Conference (Jointly held event)

This is the only conference in Japan that specializes in FPGA/PLD and it is an invaluable opportunity to obtain the latest information on FPGA/PLD - design methods, business activities and trends.