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 Exhibitor Detail : Jedat Inc.

Jedat Inc.
New Product

Exhibit introduction

Jedat is aiming for the leading company in custom design and DFM field. At the coming exhibition, we propose the total design environment focusing on the latest integrated circuit design tool: C3 (Circuit-Cube) which enables substantial cost reduction and design quality improvement.

<< Exhibition summary >>

* The introduction of C3 (Circuit-Cube): The next generation integrated IC design tool.
C3 is the next generation circuit design tool which seamlessly puts together each process of design flow: schematic entry, simulation control, waveform display and simulation result analysis. And substantially improves the design efficiency of PVT corner verification and circuit constant optimization, in addition it can accumulate & reuse circuit information and design know-how.

* The proposal regarding the substantial improvement of design efficiency and quality by the total design environment.
Introduces the latest constraint driven design environment and its adoption effect, which includes integrated circuit design, high accuracy floor plan and the automatic layout design.

* The introduction of the latest features of HOTSCOPE - Super high-speed display & analysis browser for Large-scale LSI data -
Introduces the features which are supported with the latest version of HOTSCOPE: Automatic schematic generation from the layout, remote display function, and GDS conversion from the SEM image outline,etc.

Contact info

Corporate Planning Division


Nittsu Ningyo-cho Bldg. 2-26-5, Nihonbashi Ningyo-cho, Chuo-ku, Tokyo

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