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 Exhibitor Detail : Giga Hertz Technology Inc,

Giga Hertz Technology Inc,
World First

Exhibit introduction

"PDNDesigner"-Capacitor Optimization Tool for Schematic Design-
"GigaSolver"-Linear High Speed Simulator-


4 features below
1.Optimizes capacitors including capacitance
and quantity.
2.Simulates different capacitor placement scenarios.
3.Considers plane shape and stackup.
4.Combines elements and analyze multiple results.


Static IR Drop (DC analysis)
Impedance Analysis (AC analysis)
Multi-port S-parameter analysis (100 port)
100 X than conventional SPICE (300 thousand elements)
Fast analysis in more than 100 ports S-parameter while keeping high accuracy.
Maximum 10 million elements can be calculated.

Contact info



301, west Kanagawa Science Park, 3-2-1Sakado,
Takatsu-Ku, Kawasaki, 213-0012 Japan

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