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 Exhibitor Detail : Dorado Design Automation, Inc.

Dorado Design Automation, Inc.

Exhibit introduction

Dorado's Tweaker is an ECO tool suite that includes Functional ECO and Timing ECO.

Tweaker-T1 is fundamentally architeched for MMMC ( Multi-Mode, Multi-Corner ). It handles more than 40 STA corners of Hold Time fixing while keeping Setup Time intact. The tool has been proven in many IC companies.

Tweaker-F1 inserts functional changes into post layout design database with refer to timing and physical data, and handles complicated ECO module boundary issues automatically. The patent pending ECO Engine ensures minimum logic changes for the ECO cones.

For metal ECO, Tweaker-M1's logic re-cycling and logic re-mapping could turn an infeasible ECO to be feasible. It simply saves chips and time to market.

Contact info

Sales Div.


12F-6,No.295,Sec.2,KuangFu Road,Hsinchu,Taiwan


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