• EDSFair2011 2011年1月27日(木)、28日(金)開催予定!	EDSFair2010にご参加いただき、誠にありがとうございました。
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Physware is a provider of high-speed innovative 3D fullwave solutions that enable broadband verification and design across the chip-package-board ecosystems. Physware's solutions allow design and verification of entire chip-package-board systems for Signal Integrity, Power Integrity, Switching Noise Integrity and Integrity to Electromagnetic Interference. Today, Physware helps customers solve their SI, PI, SNI and EMI challenges in a variety of design areas including microprocessors, FPGAs, memory, wireless RF systems, analog systems, and high-speed serial and parallel channels.
Physware has introduced two products aimed at large-scale, Maxwell-accurate simulation of systems-in-package from chip through package and board to system. Both products use Physware's patented fast Maxwell equation solver technology that ensures rapid near-linear scaling of memory and time with problem size, and also use fine-grained multicore parallelization for additional speedup. PhysWAVE enables S-parameter extraction for signal integrity and power integrity of complete multiport systems or selected substructures and also enables EMI prediction at unprecedented scale and speed. PhysAPEX creates high-accuracy Spice-compatible RLC models in rapid times for signal and power integrity applications. PhysWAVE and PhysAPEX are an essential part of a designer's tool set for system-on-chip and system-in-package designs and compatible with many existing design and simulation flows.


1月28日(木) 時間:10:30 〜 11:15   会場:E204
3D Full-wave Package-Board Simulation for SSN-SSO applications
Prof. Vikram Jandhyala
CTO,Physware Inc.
The design of consumer devices, such as system LSI with multi giga-bit memory interfaces like DDR3/DDR4, aggressively aims at low cost and high performance. The resulting package-board design strategy yields non-ideal ground planes which result in signal-signal and signal-power coupling. A 3D full-wave analysis of the combined signal-power geometry is required for a rigorous characterization. This session describes the challenges as seen from a simulation and design perspective and explains how Physware's PhysWAVE and PhysAPEX exploits cutting-edge solver technology and hybrid parallelism techniques to address the simulation requirements.


Bala Vishwanath, President and CEO
TEL:800-686-5213   FAX:425-818-9558



600 108th Ave. N.E., Suite 1035
Bellevue, WA, USA

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