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Trade Show Spotlights Key Design Solution Technology

EDSFair is an exhibition that showcases the latest design solutions, designing technology, EDA technology and IP solutions that use it, and designing services.
The age of chips with millions of gates is at hand, and advanced development to upgrade device performance, reduce risks, costs and power consumption,and embed software is proceeding at an unprecedented pace around the world.
Reflecting this trend, EDSFair assembles specialized information on advanced device technologies, such as EDA, IP re-usage, embedded software and design services. Also featured are the latest trends and targets for further development of electronics technologies.
EDSFair responds to the needs of designers and steadily conveys industry information to its targets in the business market.
It is a place for exhibitors and visitors to exchange information in effective and meaningful ways and to create business opportunities.

Reinvent the Way You Design Trade Show Spotlights Key Design Solution Technology

EDSFair is more than an exhibition - it is a collection of complex events
EDSFair goes beyond the bounds of exhibitions as we know them. It is linked to seminars and international meetings and attracts core users to the EDSFair in order to improve the results of your company’s exhibit.
EDSFair is more than an exhibition

Longer Schedule!!

Questionnaires from past exhibitions revealed that many people could not attend due to the pressures of business, so we have lengthened the EDSFair schedule. We will create business opportunities for exhibitors by aggressively pursuing young designers who may not come in their office hour.

Longer Schedule!!
Longer Schedule!!
Longer Schedule!!

A Place for Exhibitors and Visitors to Communicate

As we did in 2010, we are holding "Happy Hour (provisional name)" on Friday, January 28 from 6:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. This event offers a time and place to have even deeper communication with visitors.

Inviting Core Users with Increased Connection to JEITA

We are inviting core users to attend EDSFair and connecting companies on the board of directors for the JEITA Semiconductor Board(JEITA-JSIA) to the exhibition. In addition, EDSFair is connected to other JEITA events and is a place to interact with key people with ability because it is an exhibition put on by industry organizations.

Japan Electronics and Information Technology Industries Association Semiconductor Board Member
Fujitsu Limited / Panasonic Corporation / Renesas Electronics Corporation / Rohm Co., Ltd.
SANYO Electric Co., Ltd. / Seiko Epson Corp. / Sharp Corporation / Sony Corporation / Toshiba Corporation
* alphabetical order
Inviting First-time Visitors
We are offering multiple events aimed at attracting first-time visitors. On the first day of the exhibition, there are special courses, related exhibits, and evening sessions for first-time visitors. Seminar
Strengthening Alignment with Industry-Specific Media
We will report exhibit information through our media partners and provide public relations to a wide audience of industry members with announcements prior to EDSFair as well as coverage during and after the event.
Expanding the Very Popular Exhibitor Seminars
More exhibitor seminars means more contact points between exhibitors and visitors. We are holding additional exhibitor seminars to utilize the time slots created by the expansion of the exhibition. Seminar
Link with ASP-DAC
We are cooperating with ASP-DAC, which is held at the same time, and inviting ASP-DAC visitors to attend EDSFair. Convention

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