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ICScape provides Electronic Design Automation (EDA) tools addressing critical design topics such as multi-mode multi-corner (MMMC) clock tree analysis and optimization, MMMC Timing ECO, leakage power reduction for multi-million-gate nanometer designs and parasitic extraction and analysis for Analog/Mixed Signal designs. ICScape's products are in use at leading semiconductor, fabless IC, and design service companies worldwide with tape-outs in advanced 40nm technology. Exhibited products at EDS Fair include:

ClockExplorer: Comprehensive multi-scenario System-On-Chip (SOC) clock tree analysis, constraint verification and optimization, and clock schematic generation.

TimingExplorer: MMMC physical aware timing closure solutions with hold time fix, setup time fix, design rule violations (DRV) fix and optimized leakage power reduction.

RCExplorer: Early layout parasitic extraction and early design closure solution.

Skipper: Chip integration tool capable of handling huge size GDS on typical machines.

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Bill Chou
Sr. Application Engineering Manager


2150 Trade Zone Boulevard, Suite 107, San Jose, CA 95131, USA

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