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Keynote Speech

Mr. Seizo ONOE

Mr. Seizo ONOE
SVP and Managing Director of R&D Strategy

Launching LTE, Next Generation Mobile

*Japanese Only

DOCOMO launches LTE in December, 2010. LTE has capability of 300Mbps data speed in the specifications and DOCOMO provides maximum 75Mbps data service at the launch. With the background of a data explosion of mobile communications, many operators are launching or planning commercial LTE in the world. In the presentation, DOCOMO's activities and the global status for LTE will be discussed as well as the evolution scenario after LTE.

Date 10:30~11:30 January 27
Place Annex Hall
Fee Free

Special Stage

*Japanese Only

In cooperation with System Design Forum to introduce the latest EDA technology, a special session will be held on January 27th. The session consists of Nano-Scale Physical Design Session and LSI/LPB session from JEITA EDA Technical Committee's Activities and focuses on what designers want to know.
In addition, EDSFair has prepared for special sessions in collaboration with ASP-DAC 2011 Designers' Forum in time for 16th Asia and South Pacific Design Automation Conference.

Especially,the time slots created by the expansion of the exhibition on Thursday 27th, an collaborating session between Designers' Forum and EDSFair 2011 to learn more about LPC codesign.
On Friday 28th, the Designers' session and Low Power Design Session which were well-received in the previous EDSFair will be held this year again.

EDSFair offers information and a comprehensive range of projects for engineers from flont-line to young, of course, also management position who are actively involved in ongoing projects.

Look forward to your participation.

Special Featured Zone

Emerging Company Area

Attracts the latest solutions of Emerging companies from both home and abroad.

JEVeC Village

The members companies of Japan EDA Venture Consortium come together for EDA development in Japan at EDSFair.

University Plaza

8 universities present demonstrations of achievements in R&D related to design technologies conducted at university institutions.

Booth Stamp Rally

Win a Prize! for Collecting Booth Stamps

Visitors can participate in lotteries for gifts after collecting any 5 company's stamps. 1 visitor can enter only 1 time. Stamp sheet will be distributed at the Exhibition Hall entrance.

Notes relating to the lottery

  • Those entering the lottery can only win a prize once.
  • Please note that lottery winners may not be able to claim their prize if they give insufficient or incorrect information such as name, address or contact details when coming to the exhibition.
  • Lottery winners cannot convert their prize into cash, assign it another party, or change it.
  • Lottery winners below the age of 20 must obtain the agreement of guardians in order to collect their prize.
  • Please note in advance that parties involved with exhibitions are prohibited from entering this visitors’ lottery.

Premium Hour

Date 18:00-20:00 January 27

Visitor Support Service

A snack will be offered to take a look boothes in a bit hungry time.
Visitors and Exhibitors can take it from some wagon for free.

Premium Hour Event

Don't miss the chance to win a Grand Prize with Booth Stamp Rally!
The chance to win a Grand Prize is only from 19:00 to 20:00.
Please find Exhibitors' events information.

Premium Hour Exhibitors' events

EDSFair Happy Hour

This year again, we are holding “EDSFair Happy Hour” on Friday, January 28 from 6:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. All visitors and exhibitors are invited to EDSFair Happy Hour.This event offers a time and place to have even deeper communication with visitors.

Date 18:00-19:00 on 28th after the Fair close
Place Special stage

Drink including wine will be offered for free.

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