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EDSFair×ET Special Collaborating Session

Advanced virtual system development and SW development solution changing the world.
    -Seamlessly integrate SW/system/semiconductor development-

Venue: 503, 5F Conference Center
Fee: Free
10am-12pm, Nov. 17 Thu, 2011
Language: English/Japanese


  • Representative from EDA : Dr. Aart de Geus, Chairman and CEO, Synopsys, Inc.
  • Representative from SW development solution (IDE) :
    Mr. Bob N. Ueyama, Executive Vice President, eSOL Co., Ltd.
  • Representative from mobile industry:
    Mr. Toshio Miki, Associate Senior Vice President, Managing Director of Communication Device Development, NTT DOCOMO, INC.
  • Representative from consumer industry:
    Mr. Shigeo Suzuki, Senior Staff Engineer, Software Platform Technology Development Div.2, CANON INC.
  • Representative from consumer industry :
    Mr. Shigeru Kuroyanagi, General Manager, Automotive Software Engineering Div. TOYOTA MOTOR CORPORATION


  • Mr. Ikutaro Kojima, Senior Editor, Tech-On!, Nikkei Business Publications, Inc.
System and SW development is getting so complex and massive, and facing many tough challenges, especially in Japanese major application such as mobile, consumer and automotive. On the other hand, solution for those challenges is also evolving day by day. In this session, you can learn current situation/challenge in system/SW development arena, and also learn solution for them through speech and talk session by system / SW developers and solution providers.

Special Stage

Venue: F201 Annex Hall
Fee: Free (seats are limited.)
Language: Japanese Only

On Wednesday 16th, the open session introduces new technology treads being discussed at prestigious academy in EDA field. Thursday 17th, it includes the sequel of the LPB session held at last EDSFair in January to deliver case study and discuss how to apply them.
This year is the third time of the Designers' Session on Friday 18th which has been well-received and became popular at EDSFair, where you can find best practice in the industry valuable for design engineers and project managers.
Look forward to your participation.

Special Featured Zone

Emerging Company Area

Attracts the latest solutions of Emerging companies from both home and abroad.

JEVeC Village

The members companies of Japan EDA Venture Consortium come together for EDA development in Japan at EDSFair.

University Plaza

5 universities present demonstrations of achievements in R&D related to design technologies conducted at university institutions.

EDSFair Happy Hour

EDSFair Happy Hour will be held during the fair on Thursday, November 17 from 17:00 to 18:00. EDSFair Happy Hour offers a time and place to have even deeper communication between exhibitors and visitors with wines and snacks around the lounges in the hall.

Date 17:00 -18:00 on 17th during the Fair
Place Exhibition Hall
Exhibitors’ Event in EDSFair Happy Hour
Booth No. F-37 Time 17:00-18:00
Event Soul - R&B Bar presented by Mentor Graphics
Booth No. F-10 Time 17:00-18:00
Exhibitor Aldec-Japan K.K.
Event Early evening GINJO SAKE party
With a glass of fruity and rich fragrance GINJO SAKE that will remind you of wine we mildly talk about tomorrow's verification environment.
Booth No. ECA-007 Time 17:00-18:00
Exhibitor Japan Circuit Co.,Ltd.
Event CEO Recommendations of two Wines
With powerful aromas of appropriate flowers, there are warm wines in the mouth which let you discover the exquisite flavors. There are wines with floral and fruity notes that will seduce you by their softness.

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