Support Services

Exhibitor Seminars

fee required

charge for a 45 minute session ¥52,500 (tax included)

Seminar categories

(A) System design and verification (including early-stage software development techniques / a wide variety of prototyping techniques) (B) Low Power (C) Timing (D) DFM (E) Reliability (power integrity) (F) AMS design / verification (G) Function verification (including prototyping techniques) (H) IP ( I ) PCB (J) SIP (K) DFT (L) Physical verification (M) Physical implementation (N) Design / Verification service (O) Thermal / Fluid analysis (P) Others

* may slightly change due to the number of applications

Additional services
  • Podium, chairs with writing boards for audience, whiteboard, PA equipment, LCD projector, screen, laser pointer
  • Reception area and reception staff
  • Audience data
Time allocation

Depending on application circumstances, categories and seminar schedule will determined and lots will be drawn among exhibitors with the same categories to determine session time slot at the Exhibitor Orientation scheduled in mid-September.

Official Website

free of charge

We have installed an automatic publishing system allowing exhibitors to input and publish exhibit information, press releases, and company logos in real-time.

Web banner
and mail magazine text banner advertising

fee required

Exhibitors can publish banner advertisements in the top page of the EDSFair official website as well as text advertisements in the Official Mail Magazine.

Invitations / Information leaflets

free of charge

Sending out invitations and information leaflets to key clients and targets could be an effective way to attract visitors to your booth. We will provide you with the requested number of invitations by the set and in envelopes.

Barcode system

fee required

All visitors will be required to carry a barcode-attached visitorís card. This will enable visitor information and requested information to be simply gathered, contributing to speedier sales activities.

Emerging Company Guided Tour

free of charge

With this service, a leading expert in Japanese design technology and EDA technology acts as a tour guide and visits booths with visitors, introducing the technologies exhibited by various companies and fielding questions.

*Only for participating companies Corporations and/or organizations who have previously exhibited two times or less in past EDSFair and provide technologies or services that directly improve designs It is not aimed at companies that do not directly provide technologies or services such as publishers, PR companies, or advertising agencies.


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