EDSFair provides various attractive events for semiconductor designers.

Events on the special stage

stagePrograms offer what semiconductor designers need to know but cannot easily obtain via the web. For example, the design case studies and basic technology seminars attracted many visitors in previous exhibitions.
*The contents of programs will be fixed in early June.

Interactive events

Discussion sessions allow semiconductor designers to exchange opinions about common problems. These events also create valuable opportunities for new business.

Co-events and tie-up projects

Events on EDA technologies are planned to be held together with EDSFair. Tie-up projects with the media are also planned for attracting visitors and providing information.

EDSFair rovides chances to win new cust omers and expand business.

Matching service guides visitors to their desired exhibits

Matching service guides visitors to their desired exhibitsExhibition maps for each product category and the web matching service for each product will guide visitors straight to the exhibits they want to see, which may be spread across all halls and exhibition sites of Pacifico Yokohama.

Special exhibits attracting visitors

There are special exhibitions focusing on issues which engineers want to solve, such as product differentiation, development cost, development time, and risk management in semiconductor design. These attract target users.
*Candidate themes in 2013: LPB/IBIS, design house, emerging vendors, venture companies

Closer collaboration with ET for mutual synergy

EDSFair will be located in the center of the ET2013 venue to enhance communication among visitors. Collaborative sessions and a Happy Hour are also planned to be improved.

Over 28,000 engineers visited exhibitions in 3 days

  EDSFair2012 ET2012 Total
Wed.14 1,322 6,691 8,013
Thu.15 2,167 8,118 10,285
Fri.16 2,117 8,004 10,121
Total 5,606 22,813 28,419

(The number of EDSFair Visitor excluded visitors who registered in ET only and visited EDSFair)

Visitor groups of system LSI technology development of key semiconductor companies expected to attend

JEITA Semiconductor Board member companies invite developers of common platform, digital design for EDA ,test and analog design to the exhibition to have opportunities to mix with target users.

JEITA Japan Electronics and Information Technology Industries Association (JEITA) Semiconductor Board member companies (alphabetical order):
Fujitsu Semiconductor Limited, Panasonic Corporation, Renesas Electronics Corporation,
Sony Corporation, Toshiba Corporation

EDSFair2012 Visitors Profiles

Types of Business Field, Types of Jobs

Visitor groups of Embedded technology-related expected to attend

There are opportunities to mix with new visitor groups:
System manufacturer hardware designers, Architecture/Algorithm developers, IP users, Software developers

Types of Jobs


Concurrently Held Events

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